Three Reasons to Outsource Your Content Creation

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If you think your business cannot afford to outsource, take a second look. The benefits of outsourcing expand far beyond the cost of content.

So you came up with this great online business idea or wanted to take your small business to the next level.

You fired up a site builder or started a WordPress site and after a few pots of coffee and some late nights, your business is now out there for the world to see.

There’s a problem though. There’s not much to see.

In the last six months, you’ve published six articles, shared some images and changed the background color on your site 19 times.

This whole “just write what you know” thing isn’t exactly working out.

Now on top of your usual obligations, you spend every night staring at a blank page or looking through your online storefront trying to come up ideas.

Maybe this was a mistake? But it can’t be that hard… I see businesses doing it all the time. How are they doing it? What’s the secret?


Small business owners, online entrepreneurs and even other freelancers are tapping into one major resource that you haven’t found yet…

Outsource for an Instant Efficiency Boost

Sure… writing is simple on the surface. You pick a topic, write about it, hit post and profit right?

That works. If you’re looking to remain invisible and waste time.

If you’re a business owner, you’re probably aware of your strengths. You also know how these strengths help you to build upon and improve your business.

You wouldn’t try to renovate your storefront or offer a service to customers that you don’t understand.

So why would writing for your website be any different?

Every minute you spend slogging your way through creating your own content is time you could be spending doing the things in your business at which you excel.

Hiring a writer isn’t free. But then drafting your own copy isn’t exactly free either.

The trade off for freeing up your schedule and allowing you to focus on your business tasks is easy to see. This doesn’t begin to account for issues with quality, SEO considerations or poor planning.

A professional writer will help you avoid all of these common pitfalls and provide solutions tailored for your business needs.

All without spending hours in front of a blank page wanting to pull out your hair.

Boost Results by Outsourcing a Professional

A professional copy writer or web content specialist offers benefits beyond simply putting words on your pages.

Writing for the web is a specialized skill. It’s part marketing, part writing and part public relations and many other things.

Boring, bland content doesn’t drive results. Even worse, if it’s copied or using questionable SEO tactics, it can do more harm than good.

The opposite is also true. Exceptional content builds brands.

It hooks readers and keeps them coming back over and over again. Better still, it converts readers into loyal brand ambassadors and customers.

Creating content at this level isn’t something that is learned over night. It’s a skill that is honed and learned over the course of millions of words, hundreds of businesses and a whole lot of research.

Outsourcing offers an easy and affordable way for businesses to tap into these skills as needed.

Many freelancers will work on a per-project basis to make budgeting simple and allow you to make every penny of your marketing budget count.

Finding a skilled freelancer is no different than finding good employees. It might take a few tries. Don’t be afraid to look around and find a good fit for your niche, voice and needs.

Ensure Long-Term Success with the Help of Outsourcing

Once you’ve found a good writer, hold on to them and they’ll grow with your business. Most freelancers value a stable, long-term client more than you might realize.

While a good writer will adapt their writing to the voice and tone of your brand, every writer leaves little touches on your content that add up over time. Sticking with a small team of writers can help to reduce this impact and add a consistency to your efforts.

Forming a long-term relationship with a talented writer also allows them to pull from past experience with your projects and add additional value to new projects.

They might even offer advice or think of new angles and opportunities you’ve missed.

It’s a win for you, a win for the writer and a win for your readers and potential customers.

According to a 2014 survey sponsored by the Freelancer’s Union, more than 50 million Americans are a part of the freelance workforce.

They’re quickly becoming an integral part of how business reach their goals and achieve results. 

Looking to build an online presence for your business? Jon Stone Writes currently has a few openings!

Let me help you reach your content marketing goals with my personalized approach and more than five years of experience writing content for the web.

Have a question about working with freelancers or outsourcing opportunities for your business? Drop me a line on social media or leave them in the comments below! I love hearing from you guys and I’m always happy to help out!

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