Reduce Online Startup Costs with These 3 IT Cloud Services

Cloud services make it simple to reduce the costs of starting and running an online business. 

Benefits of Cloud IT Services

The biggest benefit of moving your IT operations to the cloud is an instant reduction in need for on-site infrastructure and dedicated IT staff. Many services offer multiple tiers of service, allowing you save money by paying for only what your business needs.

Instead of spending time coordinating staff and maintaining hardware, you can focus on operating your business, securing investors and building your brand.

The second major benefit is flexibility. Scaling your cloud services to meet the growing demands of your business is often as simple as submitting a support ticket or accessing the settings for your service provider.

Best of all, many cloud services offer mobile applications and web-based interfaces to provide access to your business tools from anywhere that you have Internet access.

As Internet technologies continue to improve, cloud services will continue to become a standard part of operating a business. The following are three popular options for lowering your business costs.


From launching new products and services to polishing your branding and social media tactics, starting a business often involves a long list of projects. Basecamp provides a flexible cloud-based platform for managing your projects, sharing files, collaborating with other team members and more.

With applications available for most popular mobile devices and an intuitive web interface, your information is always accessible. A robust API allows many other popular cloud services to integrate seamlessly with Basecamp for added benefits.

Amazon Web Services

Whether you need to host a simple static website or you are in need of powerful virtual machine and storage capabilities, Amazon Web Services makes it simple to harness the power of the cloud.

Many apps and services are installed with a few clicks of your mouse and usage-based billing helps to keep costs as low as possible.

Instead of spending time and money investing in on-premise infrastructure for your online business, AWS allows you to place your infrastructure online as well to ensure that you can run your business from anywhere in the world.

Google Apps for Work

When it comes to productivity and communications, Google Apps for Work offers a wide selection of applications powered by Google’s own cloud servers.

From email hosting and online backups to digital collaboration and video conferencing, Google Apps offers powerful tools for online businesses without the need for local software installation or wide-scale software deployments.

Simply log in to your Google Apps account and access the tools that you or your staff requires. By hosting these essential business tools in the cloud, your online business can reduce the initial hardware investment of on-site servers and other hosting equipment.

Migrate and Start Saving Time and Money

From massive data storage capabilities to applications that are accessible anywhere that you have Internet access, cloud services offer obvious benefits for any business owner. As the initial rush of cloud migrations begin to stabilize, businesses are starting to analyze the true benefits of cloud computing and other cloud technologies. When it comes to saving money and improving efficiency, IT cloud services offer outstanding ROI.

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