Hi! I’m Jon!

I help businesses tell their story, break through the noise and grow their brand.

Through engaging content, social media marketing and email marketing, I transform people into brand advocates, build communities powered by loyal fans and boost the authority of businesses for greater potential both online and off.

I love telling stories. I want to tell yours!

Jon Stone: Writer. Father. Foodie. Geek.

I’ve seen a large swath of the United States in my 30+ years of existence. Being part of a military family, we moved around a lot.

West Coast, East Coast, Mojave Desert, Yellowstone Park… Sometime during all of those moves, I found my love of reading and writing.

It’s something I’ve always enjoyed with boxes of manuscripts, random newspaper collections and piles of piles of books to attest for it.

My other love is technology. Initially, I thought this was my calling. Even went to college for Computer Information Science.

Then–after a few years in cubicle land–I realized this wasn’t true. I spent the next few years traveling the country and rediscovering my connection with words.

After some research, a bit more schooling, a few dreams and years of hard work, we land at today.

I’m a full-time content marketer, copywriter and an aspiring author. I’m lucky enough to make a living doing something I love and interact with fascinating businesses and amazing minds. All while being able to enjoy watching my two- and ten-year-old kids grow up.

I can’t ask for more.

Years Experience

Pieces Written

Words Written and Counting

How I Can Help YOU

I’ve helped build businesses, launch products and create experiences for people around the world.

I enjoy writing about a range of topics but if I had to list a few specialties, they would be technology, food, travel and marketing.

I specialize in web content–though long form and for-print pieces are possible as well.

I enjoy digging into stories, brands and projects and finding the little bits that make them shine.

Good writing is more than just words. Everything tells a story. Let me tell yours.

Ready to tell your brand’s story?


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